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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I am the founder of Rediscover Yourself. I am on a mission to be the healthiest in my mind, body, and soul. I enjoy being with my family, sharing my experiences, and learning about new ways to be the best version of myself.


As my journey evolves, I find it increasingly fascinating how the human mind and body operate. I believe that every human being has their own purpose and passions to tap into. I am finding out that I really hadn’t understood me, how I truly roll and what gets me geeked up. Part of my journey now is supporting people who are in transitions (of all kinds!) in their life and are seeking their life’s tempo.

We rock, we got this and we have the ability to change our life’s vibration!

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Prithee lux

Hello and welcome.

My name is Prithee and I am a Mindset Coach and I have worked with many hundreds of people to make powerful and lasting changes to their lives. I achieve this by using innovative and exciting techniques with my clients to help them develop a positive and confident mindset. These techniques include positive psychology, beliefs work, Metaphysical Healing, CBT, EFT, NLP, EMDR and hypnotherapy.

I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to therapy as I want to get the best results I can for my clients. Tailoring sessions to best suit the needs of each person is essentialMy background includes work in a mental health setting with issues such as anxiety, phobia, self harm and depression. I do have a direct approach as I aim to get results for my clients but I also want people to feel completely at ease with me and leave my room feeling positive and empowered after each and every session!

I have certainly battled and overcome my own issues with phobia and this has given me an added insight and understanding into what my clients are going through. Plus the knowledge and belief that it is completely possible to overcome these things for good!

I provide absolute confidentiality and privacy for every client. I have undergone extensive training and consider this an ongoing process to ensure my skills and knowledge are always up to date.

You will find me a straight-talking, honest and lively person and this comes across in my therapy room along with my enormous passion and commitment to helping people overcome whatever worries, problems, or anxieties they may be experiencing. 

I am genuinely inspired by what people are capable of achieving and love watching people develop and flourish during our sessions

Yoga Instructor




Mindset Coach

My Available Courses

What My Clients Say About Me

Rumi L

I I found the 30 days whatsapp session very beneficial. I would strongly recommend Yantra Spa to everyone! I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and approach used by Mrs Prithee. You really helped me get some simple yet immensely important insights about myself and what I should work on in the future.

Manisha Bhatia, Teacher

6 months earlier I started my Yoga classes with is really a nice experience mentally and physically...outstanding teacher very energetic and enthusiastic....thanks for making a difference in my life.. Highly recommended

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