Success and well being are things that everyone looks for. Each of us may have individual ideas of what success is and follow different routes to wellbeing, but the underlying desire is the same. This was recognized in ancient Indian culture, and so, yogis and mystics down the ages created many devices to aid human beings in their quest for immediate and ultimate wellbeing. Yantras are devices of this kind, which are created as support systems towards a particular purpose.
Sri yantra is a powerful, magical and positive energy sign used in Buddhists and Hindus communities. Sri yantra is popular to provide prosperity, good fortune, peace and harmony. Sri yantra is an important and auspicious equipment that provides maximum advantages to everybody using it. Since ages, saints and mystics are always familiar with the power of triangular formulations like stars and pyramids. There were plain pyramids in Egypt, Star of Bethlehem as a Lucky star in Christianity and Star of David as a sacred sign of Jewish religion. The Synagogues, Churches and temples had always the pyramid formations. The moment you enter into these places, you feel deep feelings of happiness and peace. Sri yantra is made in the three dimensional form having multi triangular pyramids pointing towards positive powers and unlimited abundance.
Boost Immunity
Significance of Sri Yantra
The 9 interlocked triangles in the Sri yantra enclosed and radiate out from the seed center (bindu point), a junction point between the sources and physical universe. This geometric powerful pattern is an opportunity for you to have a connection with the GODDESS OF WEALTH. She will energize you with waves of divine energy that built up money and other materialistic comforts for you.
Your honest prayers to her Sri Yantra will make your dreams come true, and you will be fully power packed to effectively stand out among the people!
It has been said that India has produced three sciences: Yoga, tantra and Yantra.
Yoga is the practical path to oneness, of having a complete or integrated life; of physical health, emotional balance, mental development, and spiritual awareness.
Tantra is the mystical path to oneness through the control of life's hidden forces and powers; while yantra is the geometric path to oneness or unity by the understanding of spiritual geometry (sacred geometry).
India gave to the world the science of mathematics and theoretical geometry, and the genius of the Hindu mental intellect to find the meaning of the deeper mysteries of life is exemplified in yantra. In it, lines, shapes, figures, and designs are used to impart a hidden or concealed meaning. When one has the key to yantric meaning, mighty knowledge is released into the mind.
How to utilize the powers of Sri Chakra Yantra?
You will definitely get worried about where to place Sri yantra and how to get benefits and be prosperous in your life.
Well, yantra are a great cosmic conductor of energy, a powerful equipment for harmony, good health, prosperity, success, meditation, yoga and an aerial of Mature. Sri yantras contain a group of geometrical patterns. The mind and eyes focus at its centre in order to achieve higher levels of realization and consciousness.
Place the Sri Yantra facing the North or the East in a sacred and clean altar.
Do not permit other people to touch the Sri Yantra which will definitely arise a question in your mind that where to place Sri Yantra.
Occasionally wash the Sri Yantra with milk or rose water. Then, douse it with water and tape it dry. The color of yantra would be changed over a certain time period,; though it does not reduce the power of the Sri yantra.
Put rounded marks of sandalwood paste on four corners and at the center of the Sri Yantra.
Burn a ghee lamp or candle and an enrage piece of wood in front of the Sri yantra. You can provide dry or fresh fruits as parsad too.
Chant your traditional mantra in front of this yantra especially after showering, if you wish to get maximized amount of benefits.
Sri Yantra can stimulate lives of:

  • Business holders who want to expand their business and want to each more profits
  • People who work hard to reduce their financial crunches
  • People who are back in the race due to some misfortunes
  • People who want to have successful and trouble free journey throughout their lives
  • People who wish to activate the energy of Goddess completely in their lives
  • People who want to feel joyous beauty, truth and prosperity