Thoughts resemble the waves of the ocean, which are always in a state of motion, never standing still. The mind always thinks and analyzes whatever it contacts. It likes to compare, to reason, and to ask questions, and to constantly indulge in such activities.

Few disciplines are more difficult for modern man than silencing his noise machine. It's a machine that continuously floods the mind with thoughts of guilt, anger, the latest injustices one has suffered. It randomly engages in self-debate and frivolous chatter, blocking out all attempts to bring forth a meaningful thought.

If, through a lack of focus, you allow your mind to wander, your attention can be captured by time thieves such as gossip, tasks that don't really need your attention, and, worst of all, television. In other words, your attention becomes enslaved. All of these things are addictive and serve to anesthetize your brain. They work in concert with your inner noise machine to drown out constructive thoughts.

Many people are so addicted to noise that it's become their drug of choice. Even when alone, they engross themselves in digital devices — music, texting, talking, games, and more. Anything but silence and tranquility.

Every event, situation, or word, has an affect on the mind, which produces thoughts in accordance with them. The mind is like a thought factory, working in shifts, day and night, producing thoughts.

The mind also gets thoughts directly from the surrounding world. The space around us is full of thoughts, which we constantly pick, let pass through our minds, and then pick up new ones. It is like catching fish in the ocean, throwing them back into the water, and then catching new ones.

This activity of the restless mind occupies our attention all the time. Now our attention is on this thought, and then on another one. We spend a lot of energy and attention on these passing thoughts, most of them being unimportant, wasting our time and energy.

This is lack of freedom. It is as if some outside power is always putting a thought in front of us, making us pay attention to it.

It is like a relentless boss constantly giving us a job to do.
This shows lack of inner freedom. We enjoy real freedom only when we are able to choose our thoughts or still our mind. There is freedom, when we are able to decide which thought to think, and which one to reject. We live in freedom, when we are able to stop the incessant flow of thoughts.

Stopping the flow of thoughts might look like an infeasible feat, but concentration exercises and meditation, can eventually lead to this condition.

The mind is like an untamed animal. It has to be taught self-discipline and obedience, concentration and meditation, and this will lead to control of the mind and of thoughts, and to becoming the boss of your mind.

It is within your reach to calm the restless and constantly thinking mind, and to enjoy inner peace.

Method of getting Rid of the Restless Mind

Be Mindful
I will begin by utilizing the ancient Japanese Kaizen philosophy, which is based on the practice of making small continuous changes over time in order to affect a large change. Basically, it's the old "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" idea. When you stop fretting about your complicated long term objectives and simply take incremental steps toward your goal, the stress and mental condition that results from looking too far into an indistinct and overwhelming future completely vanishes. The mind calms, the heart lifts one small step at a time.

Multi-tasking is more stressful than useful. Make a list of tasks in the order you want to accomplish them. Do one thing at a time until you achieve a degree of completeness that will allow you to walk away from it and do something else. Remember: activity is not always synonymous with accomplishment. Sometimes it is just energy used up. I call it "Rocking Chair Syndrome" -- continuous movement, but going nowhere. Following through to completeness instead of giving everything a quick lick-and-a-promise reinforces the habit of success, and gives you momentum to accomplish the next task.

Write it down
Writing can be a wonderfully therapeutic activity. There is some kind of magic that happens when you put your thoughts or worries to paper. It does not matter what you are writing about, just get it out of your head. Set aside a time every morning and writing down whatever comes to mind without judging, editing or cleaning it up. I have found this to be a marvelous way to externalize all the chatter. As you release those words on the page, it almost seems that they are magically sent to some hidden file. The thoughts aren't erased; they just get turned off, like when your cell phone battery runs down. Maybe it is about first acknowledging and owning your chatter so you can move away from it.
For those who have too many ideas buzzing 'round, but are more visual than literary-inclined, I highly recommend, "mind mapping", the practice of representing your ideas graphically. Maybe it objectifies them so they seem more tangible, instead of letting them simply run amok in your head.

Learn The Art of Saying "No."
Not "Let's talk about it later". Especially not, "Let me think about it," because thinking about it is precisely what you are trying to avoid. If you know you have zero interest in going to that dinner or that wedding, just say, "No" sweetly but firmly. It's okay to refuse invitations and demands. People will still like you.
Dr. Steven Covey used to say: when you say "No" to something or someone, you are actually saying "Yes" to yourself and your priorities. When something is not aligned with your path, it's better to say "No" than to go out of obligation and feel trapped and resentful. Stop over-scheduling. Being stressed is not necessarily an indication of your importance; it sometimes simply means that you have no boundaries or time management skills. Remember, if you don't follow your own plan, you will most certainly fall into someone else's.

Get rid of Toxic Negative People
Do you know some people that have the uncanny power to take up all your energy by the simple act of talking to you? It's quite magical. They infuse you with fears you never knew you had until they dumped them on you, and anxieties that have nothing to do with your circumstances. But somehow you find yourself wondering, "Should I be worried about that too?" I even came up with a name to describe that: TransFear. (Sounds scary, eh?)

Connect with people who inspire you.
One of clearest paths to well-being is through relationships. But not just any relationship. We nurture and preserve an inner circle of "lifeline relationships": deep, loyal relationships with a few trusted individuals (3 is enough) who will offer the encouragement, feedback, accountability and ongoing mutual support to help each one reach their visions. Who's in your top 3?

Digital Detox.
I love technology but I have observed that unless I keep them in their place (which is to serve me) they can become a time and energy-consuming project that takes more than it gives back. I feel like hyper-connectivity has disconnected me from myself. Here is a challenge for all of us: Turn off messenger applications, Skype, email alerts etc. Only check email twice a day, swear off Facebook and Twitter for a day. I am taking the pledge, and I will report back on my success. Try it yourself, and let me know how it goes.

In fact I would love to hear from everyone about how you overcome the dreaded Restless..Please feel free to leave your comments below. And don't make a draft so you can revise it later. Do it, and then move on to that walk on the beach.

we spend so much time following false riches and focusing on hollow goals that we often lose touch with what is right in front of us. However, there is a way to live a truly rich and meaningful life, you need to unearth your deepest values and desires. And to do that, I discovered that by asking the right questions, you can see through the mist casting shadows on your thinking and clarity.
Questions are effective because they jolt your brain into a different level of reflection, digging to the root of your values.
So, with the help of the following four questions, I began to uncover the hidden treasures that I neglected for so long in all areas of my life.