Believe in the Light Within

Learn to overcome any obstacles preventing you from achieving your dreams.
By Prithee Ajodah

  • A book full of inspiration and motivation.
  • A guide to free yourself from agitated negative thoughts, energy draining stress, restless sleep and endless worrying.
  • A companion to bring the smile back whenever you are feeling down and unmotivated.
  • A friend to help you confront anything blocking your path to success.
Do you long for inner peace and self-control?
Do you feel stressed out and lack self-confidence?
Do you choose your thoughts or does your mind dictate your thoughts for you?
Do you ever feel like shaking off that self-talk going on in your mind?
Does your mind continuously fill your attention with fears, worrying thoughts and problems?
What is this book about?
You will find many valuable, easy, practical and inspiring lessons from this book. Practicing the lessons in this book will help quiet your mind. From a calm and rested mind, you will then be able to see clearly what path you can set for yourself towards a positive, meaningful and happy life.
Being free from stress will help you in achieving what you want to manifest in your life. It will transform your day to day life and you will soon become conscious of constructive inner changes within you.
The mind is our most valuable tool. However, it becomes more valuable and proficient when we are able to accept or reject thoughts whenever we want. It is normal for the mind to be constantly busy, always thinking, but are all its thoughts worthwhile and essential?
Most people are as if imprisoned by their thoughts. They do not realise that they can turn off the internal radio and let their true self take over
Read or download a Free Chapter in PDF or read online by clicking on the flipbook below. The flipbook is an abridged version of the first 27 pages of the book.

What You Will Learn From This Book?

  • How to stop feeling anxious and stressed.
  • How to stop sabotaging your potential achievements.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs.
  • Let go of your ego.
  • Enhance your awareness.
  • Become more assertive.
  • How to argue/debate constructively.
  • Find your life purpose.
  • How to say no assertively.
  • How to have control of your mind, thoughts and future outcomes in your life.
  • Simple, powerful techniques for controlling anger.
  • A simple technique for overcoming negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Maintain harmonious and happy relationships with anyone.
  • Improve the quality of your life in a meaningful way.

Who Is This Book For?

We all come across difficult times in our life or we know someone who is experiencing stressful situations. This book is ideal for anyone who needs help or who knows someone who does. It is full of practical help, information, guidance and exercises.
This book is the creation of many years of study and experience whilst helping my clients. It is a guide for anyone who are at an impasse and feeling lost.
This book is full of inspiration and motivation for anyone wishing to live a happier more fulfilling life.
Get the E-Book now in PDF format. It is compatible to read on any medium.
OR if you prefer a paperback copy for $23.98 (inclusive of shipping)

By applying the lessons from this book, you will discover a growing sense of inner strength and tranquillity within you.

Read or download a Free Chapter in PDF

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If this book does not motivate and inspire you to live your dreams, nothing will.
This book is something that you want to have in your book collections to pass down to your children and grandchildren.
It is a good jump start for a person who seems to be leading life without much direction.
It is a great gift for someone who needs guidance and encouragement.
The author keeps it simple and tells it like it is.
This book contains enough nuggets of wisdom and valuable yet easily-overlooked ideas to benefit almost any individual.
A table of contents organized with subtitles by topic makes it easy to select subject areas of interest to you personally.
Be ready to seriously consider what and how to integrate those ideas into your life.

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Comments (21)

Topic: Believe in the Light within
5/5 (12)
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Marc says...
What a captivating read! Inspiring and encouraging. Can't wait to put this into action in my own life. I have a feeling my world is going to transform from reading this book!
16th April 2016 6:37pm
Patel says...
This book really made an impact on me. It got me thinking about showing appreciation and gratitude for everything that I have and taking better care of myself.
15th April 2016 12:33pm
Jessica says...
Book of the year! Feel good about letting emotions go. We have so many unnecessary emotional baggage. It feels good lightening the load. I want to read her next book as well!
15th April 2016 11:05am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Mike says...
Wow, I needed this. Life can be so perplexing, it feels amazing to see we are powerful beings with unlimited potential and we can go for the best. This will open your eyes on what is available to you.
15th April 2016 10:07am
Sharda says...
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. Very powerful stuff especially the chapter "Stop fighting in front of kids and anger management”. Since I had a hard time dealing with my anger. I learned some new amazing stuff and I am putting them into practice. I must say your techniques have helped a lot.
15th April 2016 3:50am
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